Address for correspondence: htfoodbank, c/o 47 Mayfield Road, London N8 9LL
Phone: 020 8348 9181
Mobile: 07469 952112
Text Mobile: 07979 666511

The Foodbank of Holy Trinity Church shall be known as “the Holy Trinity Foodbank”, known informally as “HT Foodbank” or “[HTF]”. It is nominated “HT Foodbank” or “[HTF]” by the Parochial Church Council of Holy Trinity Church, Stroud Green, N4 and it shall act upon behalf of the Vicar and Parish Church Council of Holy Trinity Church, Stroud green, London N4. In its conduct, in respect of Safeguarding and Equal Opportunities, it shall conform to the Statutes of the Parochial Church Council and the Diocese of London under the direction of the Holy Trinity Safeguarding Officer pertinent.

It shall have no funds of its own, save a cash flow on loan from the Parochial Church Council. Funds donated to HTF shall be received by the PCC but ‘ring-fenced’ for HTF.

It shall report its proceedings to the Parochial Council of Holy Trinity Church, on the regular basis of four occasions in the year.

The purpose of HTF shall be to administer food to those in greatest hunger need in the Parish and surrounding area of the Parish. HTF will seek the guidance of Social Work/Care Agencies and responsible personnel, such as those in the Helping Professions to assess a person’s need respecting emergency food supply.

As a general guide, HTF will seek to provide a limited food ration for one individual on behalf of themselves and/or their family in any six-month period on three occasions which may, at the discretion of the HTF volunteers on duty, be extended to a total of five occasions or other in exceptional circumstances in the event of a wider casework rationale. During the administration of the Foodbank, an open line [mobile] will be kept in case of untoward events of an emergent nature requiring any of the emergency services for protection of all persons and property.

HTF shall implement induction or training for its volunteers in the following matters:

  1. Personal safety, including goods handling and the management of distressed clients.
  2. Safeguarding.
  3. Procedures for distribution of food.
  4. Care and strategies in perceiving and receiving client need.
  5. Handling confidential information that is verbally communicated by clients.

HTF in its dealings with clients and volunteers will not maintain confidential data in written record or electronic print, confining itself to only necessary information which identifies a person, their address and the proceedings of the administration of food. However, where confidential material is received from an Agency, HTF will keep such paper or electronic communication in a secure place.

HTF shall use premises provided by the Parochial Church Council of Holy Trinity Church and only conduct its activities for the stated purpose on those premises provided.